Technical Unit

The "Tech Unit" has been in operation for more than 30 years. It is staffed with a Manager/Tribal Engineer, Housing Inspector/Advisor, Fire Safety Officer and Operations & Maintenance Technician. The Tech Unit was established to deal with the increased responsibilities that have been transferred to the First Nations and SCTC from Indian Affairs as a result of the devolution of technical services.

Tech Unit Services:


  • Inspecting Housing/commercial constructions, repairs of existing homes and preparing written inspection reports;
  • Keeping member First Nations up to date on new housing programs, policy changes, building materials and construction techniques.

Operations & Maintenance

  • Assisting the First Nations in the development and implementations of preventative maintenance programs for community assets;
  • Assistance in emergencies.

Fire Safety

  • Developing effective Fire Safety Programs for each community;
  • Providing technical advice and training to volunteer fire departments;
  • Developing and monitoring community Emergency plans.

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