Our Mission

Swampy Cree Tribal Council will pursue the social, economic and political well being and development of member First Nations.

We will assist and advise in the delivery of programs and services at a pace compatible with each First Nations aspirations.



Swampy Cree Tribal Council (SCTC) is comprised of 8 First Nations in northwest central Manitoba with a membership of more than 19,000.

In 1976 SCTC was incorporated to advance and safeguard the interests, rights, and status of Indigenous people in a manner consistent with the policies and strategies adopted from time to time by the Chiefs and Councils within its area of operation. The Tribal Council has grown from a staff of three in 1976 to more than twenty today.

The organizational structure of SCTC is based on accountability to the Chiefs, the Residents of the member First Nations and the Funding Agencies. Member First Nations are represented by their Chiefs who serve as Directors of the organization. The Mandate of the Tribal Council is to facilitate the transfer of local control and responsibility of programs and services to member First Nations through the following means by providing:

  • A mechanism whereby the Council can develop the administrative and managerial skills necessary to help each First Nation institute and deliver local services at its own pace in time with each First Nations level of development;
  • A mechanism whereby the Council, as elected representatives of the First Nations, can ensure that services are equitable and effectively delivered to each First Nation, and;
  • A mechanism whereby the Council can assist the First Nations to develop a capacity for local services, making them less dependent upon Indian and Northern Affairs Canada in matters of local concern and responsibility.


Employment Opportunities

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NEW - SCIS APPLICATION SITE SCTC is now a trusted source for Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS) Card Applications! If you require assistance applying for your SCIS card, come see us!

Please be advised that SCTC does not provide laminated status cards or temporary ID's. SCIS Info

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