External Financial Program

Financial Advisors assist with First Nations in accounting & bookkeeping practices when requested. Advisors maintain a good basic knowledge of the financial position of each First Nation so that sound advice can be provided at any given time.

Financial Management Advisory Services includes assisting, advising and training member First Nations in a broad range of Financial Service areas such as planning, reporting and system development; capital financing and liaison with financial institutions; formulating, drafting and implementing financial management policies, procedures and by-laws; establishing budgets and financial management policies; debt consolidation, remedial management and repayment plans and personal recruitment and selection.


  • Advisory, training and assistance for financial services;
  • Preparation of operating budgets as per agreements and program directives;
  • Training in payroll services, receiver general remittance, T4 preparation, ROE, Pension, Insurance administration;
  • Assistance with job ads/descriptions and interview process;
  • Assistance in preparation of financial statements for reporting and audit prep;
  • Assist with proposals for projects/equipment;
  • ACCPAC, QuickBooks and Simply Accounting training;
  • Planning sessions for budgeting and funding agreements;
  • Administration, financial, personnel, vehicle, housing, policy development assistance is available;
  • Other services as requested.
Accounting Department

The accounting department maintains SCTC Revenues & Expenditures, presents the Financial Statements to the Board of Directors, Senior Management and personnel and controls expenditures in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles while remaining within budgets.

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