Education & Cultural Development

Student counselors in The Pas and the Winnipeg sub-office will work with students to achieve success in their studies. Regular Contact is maintained with students, school staff, house parents and home school coordinators to exchange information and deal with any concerns that may arise.

Missions Goals
  • Advisory Services & Assistance with SCTC Communities on First Nations Policy & Procedures.
  • Develop & maintain a good working relationship with Education Institutions.
  • Form an SCTC Regional networking group with community programs & departments.
  • Academic & Career counselling and formal referral process.
  • Establish an Annual Northern Youth Seminar.
  • Re-establish Regional education Directors meetings.
Education Counselling & Referral Services
  • Education Counsellor will work with post-secondary Students and community based educational institutions with career counselors;
  • Educational Counselling;
  • Formal referral services to/from educational institutions with career counselor;
  • Information exchange on educational grants & other funding sources;
  • Promote youth leadership skills & respect for themselves, their families, elders and the community.

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