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Swampy Cree   Tribal Council

Programs & Services


Student Counselors both in The Pas and the Winnipeg Sub-Office, work with

students to achieve success in their studies. Regular contact is maintained with

students, school staff, house parents and home school coordinators to exchange

information and deal with any concerns that may arise.


This program is staffed by a Manager, one Social Development Advisor and one Social Development Technician. The First Nations are assisted and advised in the delivery of their social assistance programs. Advisory services are also provided in the areas of Child Care and Adult Care program development.

To access the Guidebook for young people in CFS care please click here (2012 Guidebook).

Community Active Measures (CAM) Youth Leadership Survey 2010/2011

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Youth In Leadership 2013/2014 (download here)

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2014 is the 24th year of operations for this department. It is staffed with a Manager/Tribal Engineer, Housing Inspector/Advisor, Fire Safety Office and Operations and Maintenance Technician. The “Tech Unit” was established to deal with the increased responsibilities that have been transferred to the First Nations and SCTC from Indian Affairs as a result of the devolution of technical services.

Technical Unit Services:

Fire Safety


Operations & Maintenance



Financial Advisors assist First Nations in accounting and bookkeeping practices when requested. Advisors maintain a good basic knowledge of the financial position of each First Nation and the financial implications of each new program introduced so that sound financial advice can be provided at any given time.


The accounting department maintains SCTC revenues and expenditures, presents the financial statements to the Board of Directors, Senior Management and personnel and controls expenditures according to the general accepted accounting principles and within budgets.

Environment Protection and preparation of by-laws and management of appropriate enforcement and compliance mechanisms.