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Swampy Cree   Tribal Council

Staff Directory


Name                    Title                                                               

Don Lathlin             Executive Director                                    

Karen Richards        Executive Assistant                         

Finance and Administration

Peter Norman Jr      Manager of Finance                                    

Darlene Fenner        Accounting Technician

Debbie Villeneuve    Accounting Technician

Michelle Richards     Accounting Technician        

Sheldon Bourassa      Accounting/Computer Support                     


Brittany Blackbird     Receptionist                                               

External Finance

Albertine Turner       Manager of External Finance                          


Technical Unit/ Economic Development/Wawatay LP

Gary Einarson            Economic Development Officer   

Lorne Bear                Fire Safety Officer/Housing Inspector

Leslie Packo              Journeyman Electrician      


Social Development

Patricia Dorion         Manager of Social Development                         

Caroline Ducharme   Social Development Technician   

Xavier Riel Gould      Coordinator, MB First Nations Family Violence




Sherwin Moore          Director of Education  

Bernice Pranteau        Education Counselor


Community Active Measures (CAM) 2014

Coty Harris                CAM Representative